Meet the TEAM
Tom Wingate
Head Teacher
Tom grew up and was educated in England.  During his high school years, he attended St.George’s College, Weybridge, just outside London.  Of a French, British and German background, he has a Mexican wife and three adult children.  He now is a grandfather, too.
Tom’s chief qualifications come from four universities: UKC (Canterbury, UK); Leeds University; George State University (Atlanta, USA), and, most recently, Birkbeck College, University of London. His teaching post-grad qualifications come from both Leeds and Georgia State.
In a career in education that now spans 40 years, it has seen him involved in many kinds of schools in several countries. Most prominently, in Mexico he held many senior posts at a British-international school, while, in the UK, he was involved in the English Department and Middle School administration - the Head of Year 9, the main intake year - at the highly-renowned City of London School (2001-2007).
At CLS, Tom also was the coach of Public Speaking & Debating, his teams winning many top-level competitions, including the world-class English Speaking Union trophy in 2006.
Tom, originally a teacher of English and English literature, has published poetry, and pieces about C19th stained glass, literature and history. He still regularly contributes pieces to the Dickensian magazine in London.  In 2020 and 2021, he also has been invited to address chapters of the N. American National Honors Society about Charles Dickens’ works.
Tom, along with a team of various other British-educated educators, founded TWS in 2016.
Elena Casas
Deputy Head
Ms. Casas was founder and Director of the School of Psychology at Anahuac University. She is a member of the scientific committee of FISAC (Fundacion de Investigaciones Sociales A.C.) and of the Consultancy Committee of AMEDIRH (Asociacion Mexicana en Direccion de Recursos Humanos).
She holds a:
Ahsah Vazquez
Head of Kinder and Primary
Ahsah is a proud Mexican educator, wife and mother of two young men.  She is a lifelong learner and a passionate educator who believes she can make a difference by encouraging students to be critical thinkers, tolerant and kind. 
Ahsah had the privileged opportunity to study at a British International School in Mexico.  There, she went through Primary education, then studied and passed her various IGCSEs, finally receiving the IB Diploma (as well as an A level in Maths).  She went to university in Mexico City and received a degree in “Institution Management”. 
Ahsah began her professional career in the service industry.  She soon became an executives’ trainer and, at a very young age, she became the training manager for a telecommunications company. Being closely involved in developing competencies for executives, she realized how passionate she was about education. 
After that start, she worked for seven years at a British International school; she also obtained a Masters Degree in Education. Subsequently, she worked as a manager and trainer for English teachers in many states of Mexico. She was actively involved in giving conferences and encouraging British educational businesses to offer their services in Mexico.
Ahsah has expressed the honour she feels to have been invited to be part of The Wingate School since it was founded in 2016.
Vinay Jawahar
Head of Secondary
Vinay Jawahar is an experienced educator and leader who has worked in international education on three continents. Prior to joining The Wingate School in August 2021 as the Head of Secondary, Mr. Jawahar was the IBDP Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge Coordinator at Colegio Gran Bretaña, in Colombia, where he taught History, Global Politics and Theory of Knowledge. He also served as Head of Admissions, and later as Head of Academics, at UWC Mahindra College, a highly selective two-year residential college in India with students from over 60 countries pursuing the IB Diploma. In addition to teaching and administrative experience at the university and secondary school level, Mr. Jawahar has also worked closely with the International Baccalaureate Organization, helping to develop the Global Politics curriculum for the Diploma Programme and serving as an Assistant Examiner for Global Politics.
Before embarking on a career in international education, Mr. Jawahar worked in the policy and civil society sectors in both the U.S. and in India. He has published widely, including in Current History, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, El Espectador (Colombia), Columbia Journal of International Affairs, Oxford Analytica and Brown Journal of World Affair, on Latin American politics, specifically on issues of democratic governance, human rights, and security policy.
A product of international education himself, Mr. Jawahar received his IB Diploma from UWC Mahindra College before going on to receive a B.A. in International Politics & Economics and Spanish from Middlebury College, VT, an M.A. in Comparative Politics from Princeton University, NJ, and a PGCEi from the University of Nottingham. He also spent a year at the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile.
Mr. Jawahar lives in Mexico with his wife, two children, two dogs, and a cat. The children attend The Wingate School; the pets were denied entry following a rigorous but fair admissions process.
Christina Du Solier
Head of School of Character
Cristina has enjoyed fifteen years of work experience through interacting with children of all ages. She believes the value of education is how it can reshape a person’s life. Cristina loves to constantly learn about new ways to connect with her students, helping them to know what is good, desire and choose what is right, as well as be responsible for one’s actions, thereby helping to create a great community.
She holds a BA in Ciencias de la Educación and is completing studies in a Master’s in Education. She founded an innovative social responsibility programme at another large school in Mexico City. Cristina also has studied and worked closely in matters of emotional intelligence, child neglect, bereavement and loneliness, children’s mental well-being, plus equality issues.
Elena Espinosa de Los Reyes
Public Affairs and Social Responsibility
Elena Espinosa de los Reyes was born in Mexico City into a family of notable public servants.
She holds two degrees in Economics, from the ITAM, Mexico City, and her postgrad from the University of Kent (UK).
The second phase involved her working for the government in Bancomext (in promoting exports and investments) for twenty-five years.  She eventually ran all the Trade Commissions for Mexico in Asia and, subsequently, in North America, too.  In addition, she was appointed the Trade Commissioner for the SE of the USA, based in Atlanta, when NAFTA was developed. 
There, she was named “International Woman of the Year” in 1996, the year Atlanta hosted the Olympics.  Returning to London as Trade Commissioner in 2000, when Europe started its own version of NAFTA, she worked there seven more years. At that time, too, she was the representative for Mexico on the Board of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
The third phase of Elena’s career – for seven years, embedded in education – involved founding and growing US Worldfund’s Mexico City base.  She helped this NGO raise funds and, working closely with many Mexican teachers, offered courses for teachers of English, and directors of schools, all in the state sector, and principally for personnel working in remote schools, mostly in Guerrero, Chiapas and Veracruz.
Elena currently is the Coordinator of Character Education at The Wingate School, developing the programmes that are being implemented throughout the school.
Elena delights in travelling, reading, remodelling her home and garden, and playing with her grandchildren. She is married to Tom Wingate.
Mari Caballeros
SEP Directora
Ms. Caballero was born in Bolivia and moved to Mexico with her family at the age of 3. From an early age Ms. Caballero was passionate about education, often playing she was a teacher. She has now been a teacher for 46 years.
Ms. Caballero is a qualified Preschool Teacher and a Specialist in Language and Learning Disorders. She holds a degree in Primary Education and a master's degree in Educational Planning in Higher Education. She is enthusiastic about innovative projects and challenges, always seeking to contribute to strengthening progress in education. Ms. Caballero joined The Wingate School six year ago. She says: “I identified myself with a very well-rounded project, with solid foundations and very clear lines of action but at the same time with a constant dynamism towards innovation and the search for quality in each educational action. At Wingate, no day is the same as another, there is always an opportunity to create and grow. I have a beautiful family with 4 children and two granddaughters that I have formed with my husband Abel. I enjoy my family regardless of whether they are near or far.”
Juliet Wingate-Sachariew
School Administrator
Ms. Wingate grew up in Mexico, the United States and England.  Juliet holds a degree in Economics from the University of Bath, UK and is a Financial Services Authority Approved Person.  She has also completed an Accounting diploma at the ITAM University in Mexico City.
Prior to joining The Wingate School, she worked in the financial industry in London at BNP Paribas and with Protego Asesores/Evercore Partners in Mexico City.  She also held a post as an Economist in the UK’s Government Economics Service in London.
She is on the membership committee of the Alianza de Colegios Multiculturales de Mexico.